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Power Online Solutions, LLC specializes in providing payment processing services to businesses in the United States and abroad. The majority of businesses are able to be approved and setup, including; low risk and high risk companies. Low risk businesses comprise mainly of retail and face to face merchants while high risk companies consist mostly of non-face to face businesses that are unable to be approved for a traditional merchant account.

Merchant Services
The merchant services industry is expanding daily, with more and more companies accepting credit cards and even more consumers choosing card payments as their preferred form of payment. Non cash payments account for the majority of payments sent and received. A merchant account is required to accept any type of card payment. Businesses today are unable to choose if they want to accept credit cards or not. It is a proven fact that nearly every business that does not accept credit cards will fail. Resellers are selling a service that is as important to the company as the customers themselves.

Power Online Solutions, LLC Offers Two Different Partner Programs:
• Affiliate Program
• ISO/Reseller Program

The affiliate program allows partners to submit potential merchants and have Power Online Solutions; contact, sign and setup the businesses with merchant services. Affiliate partners receive a one-time pre-set amount for every; referred, approved and setup merchant.

The ISO/reseller program is the most popular partner program and offers residuals. Independent sales organizations (ISOs), will solicit and signup the merchants. They will receive residuals for the lifetime of each account. Partners planning to send a steady stream of applications would benefit greatly by choosing to work as an ISO.

Payment Solutions
The vast network of banks that Power Online partners with, nearly guarantees that all merchants who apply, are approved. Unlike other payment processors who focus on strictly retail or internet merchant accounts and are unable or uninterested in setting up anything else, Power Online will work to place every account that is submitted. Most resellers will contact and check with their account representative prior to sending over certain high risk accounts, making sure that we have a solution before they proceed. This saves the ISO time; allowing them to use their efforts on finding good merchants that have a high probability of being approved.

Becoming a Partner
Most resellers start selling merchant accounts as a complimentary offering to their other services. Some resellers begin selling merchant accounts as a completely new endeavor. Either way, Power Online Solutions will help to navigate you through the merchant services industry, an industry that is continuously changing. There is more competition than ever in the payment industry, but with new services being offered all the time, there is always a window of opportunity. Contact Power Online to see how we are able to partner together and take your payment processing business to the next level.