Affiliate Programs

If you have ever read a product review on a ratings website and then clicked on a link to order the product; you have purchased something through an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are an essential part of today’s online marketplace. The cost of traditional online marketing is prohibitive for most businesses and promoting by search engine optimization is an art of its own. For a business to be successful, they must have a good product that is competitively priced and customers to buy the product. The obstacle is that online marketing is a full time job and smaller businesses without a fulltime marketing staff are unable to compete with larger companies. The answer is online affiliate marketing.

There are two parts of the affiliate marketing exchange. There is the “publisher” who is providing the product and the “advertiser” who markets the product, also referred to as an affiliate. The publisher agrees to pay a set amount or percentage of each sale to the advertiser. Publishers commonly refer to this as Cost Per Action (CPA).

Overnight, a business with a zero marketing budget is able to showcase their products all over the internet while only paying for actual sales. The business is able to focus their attention on; creating, updating and servicing a great product while leaving the marketing to professional advertisers that are only paid if they perform. Companies have come to the realization that generating sales online is not always done through traditional online marketing. Years back, affiliate marketing was mainly used to promote smaller businesses however today, Fortune 100 companies offer affiliate programs. An advertiser is able to literally advertise the products of any company they wish and receive a commission for doing it.

Affiliates on the other hand, are able to be paid on the sales of products and services without having to provide fulfillment or customer service. This is extremely powerful. Someone with a skill for search engine optimization or other online marketing talents, has the ability of earning commissions on sales from large companies without ever having contact with the purchaser. The affiliate requires a computer and an internet connection only. Even if they are promoting a physical product, there is nothing to; stock, ship or service. The publisher they are promoting for has already built the item and the brand. The affiliate just has to promote and watch the commissions being deposited into their checking account.

Affiliate Program Consultation
Power Online Solutions, LLC will consult with you to determine the feasibility of promoting specific affiliate programs while designing a roadmap for success with your marketing business. For an affiliate to be successful, they must target a certain niche. Affiliates that promote too many products normally fail since there are already a number of large online retailers with budgets that are far beyond their reach; Wal-Mart, Best Buy etc. Power Online will help you find your niche.

Affiliate Program Website Design and Marketing
Once you have decided on a niche that can be monetized, the next step is determining how to design your website and how to market your website. This is the most time consuming and frustrating part of affiliate marketing. Power Online will develop a marketing plan for your company, from the beginning to the end. Contact our office today to learn how we are able to assist your business in becoming more successful.